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Building a Resume in 5 Easy Steps – The Know How

A resume is the first step to wining a job. It is the key to the interview door where your future is decided. Hence, it requires careful designing. However, with proper planning and with the right guidelines it is actually not very difficult to create a successful resume. And we’ve put together 5 critical steps… Read More »

Free resume writing tips and examples for all job seekers

Are you A college graduate just out of college? An experienced professional seeking a higher role? A career hopper? Or, A homemaker wanting to re-join the workforce? Well, all you need is a perfectly crafted resume. And here, you are at the right place for just what you’ve been looking for. We provide you with… Read More »

Objective Statement – Required or not in a professional resume?

What is an Objective Statement? The Career Objective or Objective Statement is the opening phrase of a resume. A career objective states your work-related goals and what skills you possess to achieve them. It also tells the hiring manager how you can contribute to the position and thereby the business. The common mistake most of… Read More »

What is a Functional Resume Format?

What is a Functional Format? A functional resume format is that which highlights the individual’s skills and core competency areas rather than the work history and education details. This format is usually adopted when the person has broad ranging skills and expertise in diverse sectors but not a properly aligned work history to project. How… Read More »

What is a Chronological Resume Format?

The chronological resume is the most popular type of resume among all levels – entry, mid and high – of job seekers. This is the most preferred format for those who have not had any major career hopping in their work life. What is a Chronological format? In a chronological format, all sections, where the… Read More »

Cover letter sample formats and examples for all job seekers

We’ve compiled some of the well-framed cover letters for your reference here. While some comply with the hard copy format usually enclosed in a postal application, some formats are for email applications. You may choose the best one that suits your requirement and situation and customize them according to your needs.  Read about some general… Read More »