Cover letter sample formats and examples for all job seekers

By | May 13, 2017

We’ve compiled some of the well-framed cover letters for your reference here. While some comply with the hard copy format usually enclosed in a postal application, some formats are for email applications. You may choose the best one that suits your requirement and situation and customize them according to your needs.  Read about some general cover letter writing tips and guidelines for a better understanding.

Cover letter format and samples for various job positions

Entry level jobs

If you are a fresh graduate out of school or college, you obviously do not have much experience to yourself to highlight. Hence, your skills and academic accomplishments are what should be stressed in your cover letter.  Think of any coursework, charity work, academic projects, awards or honors you have acquired that is a close match to the job requirement. Mention them in the order of relevance so s to create an interesting write-up that ‘hooks’ the employer to your application. Here are some sample templates that might help you decide how to write one.

Cover letter samples for entry level graduates

Software jobs

Are you an IT professional with years of work experience? Then writing a cover letter will not be much of a problem for you since you have ample skills and expertise to put to the table. However, what should be taken care of is how you frame them in your letter. Undoubtedly, there might be hundreds of other applications similar to yours and with almost the same skills and qualifications. So be wise, and instead of using a generic cover letter for all applications, customize each according to the requirements. Go through the job requirements in the advertisement carefully. Do your research and/or use your contacts, if any, to gain some extra insider information. All these will aid you in writing a perfect cover letter for your application. Some reference samples are below for your help.

Cover letter samples for software professionals

Teaching jobs

If you are working in or applying to the education industry, it is very important that you write good quality cover letters. Your write-up will definitely reflect your quality of education and your capability in the profession. Here are some examples you may refer to, to start with.

Cover letter samples for academic professionals

Hospitality jobs

The hospitality or hotel jobs require more skill and experience than academic qualifications. Hence, be sure to highlight your strong skills and expertise in the field while writing a cover letter. Why not have a look at some the examples we have put together for you?

Cover letter samples for hospitality staffs

Part time jobs

Well, this is one of the tricky roles to write a cover letter for. Since it is not a full-time paid job, you might not have adequate experience to highlight. Be smart and don’t hesitate to put down any quality or prior experience of yours that you consider might help you grab the job. Also, be specific about why you are seeking a part time job and how much you can commit to the job. See some samples here to gain an insight.

Cover letter samples for part time jobs

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