1 year experienced chronological functional Resume format

By | April 23, 2017

1 year experienced resume format

While writing a resume it must be kept in mind that it’s only purpose is to show the employer, in the best way possible, what you have to offer in relevance to the desired position. The 3 types of resume formats most suitable for those with 1 year experience that help to highlight your background, each in a different way –

Chronological Format – One of the most widely used of the resume formats, this might not be very helpful in case of 1 year experienced professionals as they wouldn’t have much to write about in the experience section. Nevertheless, in this type of resume format you write the past experience and educational details in the reverse-order of happening, which means the most recent work comes at first and then follows accordingly.

Functional Format – the most important resume format for 1 year experienced professionals in the functional resume. In this particular format one emphasizes more on what he can do instead of Job History. It calls the employer’s attention to the specific areas of the candidates expertise and categorises them as ‘IT Skills’, ‘Business Skills’ etc. Though like all the 3 types of resume formats even this has its own pros and cons –


  • For a 1 year experienced professional this is the best way to highlight his major strengths and capacities than giving them little experiences counting to only a year.
  • It’s also acceptable in case of zero experience where you are a recent graduate or a pass out.


  • It fails to give the employer a feel about your career and your result-oriented capabilities.

Combination Format – of course as the name suggests, this resume format is a combination of the above two. It aims to strike a balance between both the types of resume formats i.e. between your skills and work history. This is also an important type among the 3 types of resume formats for 1 year experienced professionals as it neither demands too much of work history nor too much of skills (which as a long list alone are boring to read). It helps you not only reach out to the employer with your skill sets but also helps you list out your work experience (no matter how minimal it is, provided it is relevant) in the reverse chronological order which the employers are used to read and will thus, grasp the details better.

Now which of the above 3 types of resume formats suit you depends the kind of knowledge and experience you have, if it is totally skill oriented then go for functional, if it has both the relevant skills and the experience go for combination, it’s advisable to not use the Chronological resume format for a 1 year experienced professional.

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