5 Resume points that employers check carefully

By | April 23, 2017

5 Resume points that employers check carefully

In this age of neck-breaking competition when recruiters are left with tons of CV’s for a single position it’s important for your resume to stand out. A single resume merely gets 10 seconds, if it fails to create an impression within that you’re better gone. So it’s very much important to know about the 5 Resume points that employers check carefully. Here we give you 5 most important resume points –

5 most important resume points

  1. Personal info – the opening 50 words of your CV matter. Don’t waste them on background information – write a short profile that sums up your work history, sector knowledge, skills, and know-how. Again, no recruiter likes a personal info column that is unprofessional so always use your full name and a professional email id that doesn’t sound like it was made in kindergarten.
  2. Work Experience – this is one of the most important cv element. The hiring managers find it irritating when the candidate about anything and everything that he has done in the past. It’s advisable to only write about the experiences and roles relevant. Also be specific about your position for example writing ‘Writer’ in the role isn’t enough, specify it instead write ‘Content Writer’ or ‘Features Writer’ etc. Try to cover up your employment gaps by mentioning courses or projects in the later sections.

Top 5 resume points that employers carefully check

  1. Target your CV well – everything that you write in the resume should only target and be relevant for the position you’re applying. If needed tailor-make your CV according to the job description.
  2. Are the achievements quantified? Whenever you’re writing about an achievement write it using numbers. In short quantify your achievements for example, instead of writing that ‘My contribution helped the sales increase.’ write this ‘my contribution led to a 50percent rise in sale.’ It shows your result-orientedness.
  3. Interests – do or a don’t? Well the choice surely rests upon you. If you think your interests can anyway add to your resume considering your profile then go for it. Though, interests section is more suited for people in the creative sector such as Graphic Designers, Cinematographers etc.


Apart from these 5 best resume elements, always remember to maintain a neat and professional presentation, using the right font and satisfactory spacing.

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