Best CV/resume tips with samples

By | April 25, 2017

Top B.Tech resume Samples

We all are quite familiar with the need for an unbeatable CV/Resume to land a job. But how do we know what is the perfect tips to impress the hiring managers? Well, honestly there’s no rule book for that but there are some ways you can surely follow to get the job done.

Top B.Tech resume tips

  1. Choose the right font, which is neither too fancy nor too dull. Keep the font simple yet classy.
  2. Go for the correct font size, that is easily readable while not too big.
  3. Use single spacing between two consecutive words and lines. We advise you to go for bullet points while writing the Work Experience and the Qualifications as that saves the mess while listing all the necessary information.
  4. Since, this is a purely technical field you are applying for, so it’s inevitable to use proper keywords in cv/resume. The document should be rich in words that are relevant to the desired role as that helps in a smooth scan with a score in case the hiring managers use Applicant Tracking Systems.
  5. Use a half to an inch margin on all sides as that saves the cv from getting cut off by printers.

Free Btech Resume tips with samples

  1. One of the most important tips for a resume is to firstly write the relevant work experiences in the reverse chronological order. Secondly, write all the certificate courses or training and/or necessary and relevant skill sets that you have and might add weight to your CV.
  2. It is always suggested to make a targeted resume, one that is tailor made for every particular job application. It leaves a good impression on he hiring managers as it shows only the required details in a concise yet interesting way.
  3. Don’t use cosmetic language, since yours is a technical field we suggest you to restrict to more of technical terms and a formal language.
  4. Keep it short. There is no perfect cv/resume length for professionals but it is advisable to keep it one page if you are a fresher and only go two-page or beyond if you have relevant experiences to lis out.
  5. Don’t go for the interests section as while reading a cv/resume for a candidate a hiring manager wouldn’t want to know about your hobbies.

Free resume sample for B.Tech professionals

For your ease we give you some Top B.Tech resume Samples – 

B Tech IT Resume Sample for Fresher








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