Top free resume tips and samples for Journalists

By | April 27, 2017

Best CV/Resume Tips for Journalism Professionals

A resume though, is only a memoir of your experiences and skill sets but has a great impact on your chances of bagging a job. Especially when you are in the field of reporting, because there’s so much required for the hiring manager before zeroing in on the right candidate. We suggest you always make a targeted resume  for every job that you apply. Since journalism is a scattered profession and there are a lot many categories and types it’s always better if your resume, with every word and detail suits the job description. It is not a cumbersome task, we present you some of the best free resume tips for journalists. 

Free resume tips and samples for journalism freshers/professionals

  • It’s important to choose the correct format. Unless you are an experienced professional it is not advisable to go for the chronological resume. The functional format or the combination format should be more suitable, read about the different resume formats. In case you are news presenter or a VJ, you can also opt for the Non-Traditional resume if specified accordingly in the job description.
  • In a cv/resume for journalists it’s very important to include a section where you will list out your portfolio links. If you are photographer or a writer hiring managers would really appreciate a personal site. If you have mention it right now and make sure that it is free of any irrelevant details.
  • Make it interesting. In a profession where your personality and presentation plays a huge role, leave no stone unturned to write why your way of work will be beneficial for the company. Write a resume for journalism professionals in a way the hiring managers gets an idea of what you can contribute.

Best Journalism resume tips and samples

  • The choice of a cover letter depends on the candidate. If it is anywhere mentioned in the job description for journalists , go for it. Write a profile summary in short.
  • Quantify your achievements, don’t write ‘My breakthrough performance helped the newspaper double its readership.’ instead write ‘My breakthrough performance helped the newspaper attain a readership of 1lac from 70,000 previously.’
  • In your resume for a journalism job mention your extra-curricular skills relevant to your desired position. Also since Journalism is an experienced based profession, leave out on the irrelevant academics and instead write about any experiences you think will help in bagging the job. Through your cv for a journalist or reporter try to market the professional in you.
  • If you are writing a resume for a journalism fresher you of course will not have any prior experience or even if you have that will be little so don;t hesitate to write about your academics or small projects, certificates or any writing and/or speaking competitions which are worthy of a mention.

For your ease of writing we help you with free journalist resume samples.

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