7 Best Resume/CV Formats

By | April 24, 2017

Best Resume/CV formats

A resume is that document which tells the employer about the job seeker’s skills and experiences. Though not cumbersome but to write it the perfect way is an art in itself. The most important of all is to know the different resume formats that are in practice. Each resume type is useful for different purposes. So it totally depends on your job profile and the position being applied for as to what format shall suit you. Here we give you a list of Top 7 Resume Formats –

7 Free Resume Formats

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is one where you actually write your work experience and academic qualifications in a reverse chronological order, i.e. your most recent job takes the first point and the second last job the second point and so on. This, being the most common resume format is more preferred by the recruiters due to it’s ease of reading. This type of resume works well with experienced candidates with a long work history. If you are a fresher or someone looking for  career switch, we advise you to not go for it and choose from the list of Best resume/cv formats.

Functional Resume

The most important resume format for freshers or those looking for a career change is the functional resume. In this particular format one emphasizes more on what he can do instead of Job History. It directly catches the attention of the reader through the skills and other result-oriented achievements mentioned. Though like all the best resume/cv formats even this has its own pros and cons –


  • For a fresher candidate this is the best way to highlight his major strengths and capacities than giving them little experiences counting to only a year.
  • It’s also acceptable in case of zero experience where you are a recent graduate or a pass out.


  • It fails to give the employer a feel about your career and your result-oriented capabilities.
  • Also it’s our suggestion to you to not give details that bear no relevance to the job you’re applying for.

A functional resume can do without the work history or one can also use the bottom part to write it. This format is a sure go for freshers, people with less work experience, or employment gaps. By highlighting skills rather than work history, one can emphasize that he or she is qualified for the job.

7 best resume formats with sample

Combination Resume

As the name suggests, this resume format is a combination of the above two. This format strikes a balance between the Functional format and the chronological format  i.e. between your skills and work history. This is also one of the best resume/cv formats as it neither demands a long work history nor too much of extra-curricular skills. This format, as we have noticed, hapels the job seeker to reach out to the hiring manager in a more impressive way as it not only tells in concise the relevant skills you have but also gives the a short but fruitful work experience.

Resume With Profile

This format stems from the fact that in some professions, a person’s personality precedes his experience. In this format the applicant has to write a short summary of his/her skills sets, past experience, result-oriented drives etc. This helps the employer judge the candidates profile in a more intrinsic way. This is also very much used by Creative and Public Relation Professionals.

Top resume formats for Job Seekers

Non-traditional Resume

This can include photo, slideshow, audio file or info graphics.  It could also be a video, or a resume on a social networking website. This cv/resume format is ideal for people in creative fields, who wish to showcase their creative work such as designs, videos, music etc. It can be a good way of approach for someone in the creative field viz graphic designing, photography, filmmaking etc.

Targeted Resume

In this format you tailor-make your resume for every job that you apply to. It needs time to write a targeted resume than to just apply with the existing resume. However, it’s also suggested to use free resume templates available online.

Always write a well targeted resume for every application you make. Employers can easily see when you submit a generic resume, rather than thinking about why you are qualified for that specific job.

Mini Resume

It is a brief account of your career highlights and qualification. It must be concise and should not speak of anything more than the skills and experiences only relevant to the position. A mini resume can be shared with the employer on request or with the writer whom you might have hired to write your resume.


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