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By | May 1, 2017

Top free Banking job resume writing tips: As we all know that a good resume is a stepping stone to bagging a great job. In the recent times resumes have actually become very much important. People do invest their time and sometimes money behind writing an unbeatable resume. Every resume has it’s own purpose, depending on the job it is tailored for. We always recommend people to read about the different kinds of resume formats and choose targeted Resume. Targeted Resume has it’s own feel and shows the hiring manger your dedication for getting the job. In banking jobs you can use your resume to tell the recruiter about your mathematical abilities, attention to detail, and interpersonal skills. Writing a great resume for a banking job does take some time but isn’t too hectic. But since an unbeatable resume for a banking Professionals is a mandatory part so we got no option but to write it.

Resume writing tips banking professionals

Here we give you some of the best and latest tips on a banking job resume – 

  • you should always give out your proper personal and contact details. Make sure you write the personal email ID. Avoid email addresses that belong to your previous company or college.
  • Include a resume summary that markets you in a maximum of 4-5 sentences. Write about your result-oriented strengths and experiences. Ne specific if mentioning any skill or achievement for example, ‘Over 5 years of experience in transaction recording and managing accounts of over a hundred customers.’
  • The next section should be your work experience unless you are writing a resume for a banking fresher. For fresher’s with very little or zero experience the educations section will come first. Write only the details relevant to the position being applied for. Chuck out any information that even if glorious doesn’t bear any relevance tot he job description. These days most of the hiring managers use ATS that scan for keywords in a  resume. The resumes with  most relevant keywords will be selected. Write this list in reverse chronological order.
  • If you are writing a resume for an experienced banking professional then only write the most recent educational detail.

Important CV/resume tips for Bank Job Applications

  • List out your skills sets. Mention only those skill sets which are in perspective of the desired role.
  • Cover your employment gaps. Write about any relevant courses or training programs if you have attended during the gaps.
  • Never forget to cross check your resume for a bank job. Any spelling mistake will instantly turn down your image. So read it for several times after writing. You can also ask a friend to read and give you a review.
  • If you are applying for the job of a bank teller then read this specialized article on Resume tips for Bank teller Jobs.

Resume formatting tips for Bank Job Applicants

  • Pick the correct font. The correct font is the one which looks simple but not dull, avoid using fancy fonts.
  • Use the right font size that doesn’t look to big nor too small. Maintain the ease of reading while also not making it look like a mess.
  • Always employ a half to an inch margin on all sides. Give single spacing between the consecutive words and lines.


Also for those who are freshers int his profession, we give you a list of Bank Job Profiles – 

  • Finance Analyst – is the one who helps companies or individuals take investment decisions. He studies the market and the company literature to have an understanding.
  • Financial Adviser – these are the people who work with individuals to help them plan their financial goals.
  • Accountant – this might be the most popular banking job in India. These people strategize and execute business expenses and income.
  • Auditors – they review the accounting records for clients.
  • Loan Officers – of course as the name suggests they are involved in the process of sanctioning the loan. They also research on the applicant’s work history and assets before giving out a loan.
  • Collectors – They manage accounts and keep track of bills and attempt to collect on past due invoices.
  • Treasurers –  Treasurers manage an organization’s finances, objectives and goals. They maintain the organization’s budget and oversee investment strategies and major expenditures

For your ease with the banking job resume writing  we also give you free download resume samples for bank jobs.

Free download banking job resume sample!

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