B.Com Resume head Body part writing tips

By | April 25, 2017

Best B.Com Resume Format Sample

Summary – A well formatted resume is indispensible in getting selected in an interview. After completing a bachelor’s degree like B Com, students have daunting thoughts for getting admission in a premier institute or for some moving out to the corporate sector.

Body – College is the most interesting time in a student’s life with memorable experiences. It prepares you to take up further challenges and one has to explore options and dig the best suited career path, be it a new course or a job. To send an application for a new profile, one needs to make an important document in an impressive format, a resume.

Resume is the first step of introduction between the candidate and the interviewer. First impressions always count; it means that your resume presentation should be aesthetically flawless. Also, it should not state any false and misleading information about you which undoubtedly will be considered as cynical manipulation. A resume plays a vital role in the selection process, as it lays down all personal, academic and professional details of the candidate.  The text should not only have quality content, but should have a captivating format too, to leave a favorable impact.  It basically advertises your accomplishment and skills, provides a platform to market your abilities and experiences.

It is quite intimidating for a B.Com graduate to compose a visually pleasing resume.  There are different types of resume formats like chronological, targeted, functional and combination and the most amiable format for a B.Com graduate is the chronological format.

B.Com Resume head Body part writing tips

Following is the order of the resume heads for a B. Com graduate:

  • Contact Details: The essentials for this section are, Name, e-mail and phone number.
  • Career Objective: It mentions the motive for course admission or job applied for.
  • Academic Qualifications: This section mentions your educational details from primary schooling to higher schooling to B.Com degree. Specify the name of the educational institution with year of passing out and percentage obtained respectively.
  • Key Skills: Name your competencies or attributes which makes you better than the rest.
  • Computer Proficiency: To show how good and comfortable you are with various computer programs.
  • Awards and Honors: If any prize or recognition awarded in school or college.
  • Hobbies: mention your talent and extracurricular activities you are interested in.
  • Personal Profile: This section states your address, family background, like father’s name, marital status and date of birth.
  • Declaration: here you need to specify that all the information provided by you is true and free from any misleading content, and lastly, put your signatures as an attestation.

The decent resume should not exceed two pages, only highlights needs to be mentioned with a brief summary. Detailed, long explanations are not advisable as it makes the resume very dull and boring. Informative details are of importance when you are face to face with the interviewer and have to portray yourself as an open book in front of him.

In this article, the author has written about the benefits of creating a visually appealing resume for B Com students and the details which need to be kept in mind while framing it.

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