Cover letter sample formats and examples for entry level position

By | May 13, 2017

Are you a fresh graduate out of school or college looking for your first job? Are you wondering on how to write a cover letter that is rich in content and, at the same time, garners interest? Then you are at the right place. Here we give you samples that will guide you on how to ‘grab the tiger by the tail’.

Skills-based cover letter

The main focus in the cover letter of an experienced professional would be the work experience achieved over the years. However, being a fresh graduate out of college, there is apparently no work experience to talk about. Hence, the key area of highlight in your cover letter should be your academic achievements and skills acquired.

A skills-based cover letter is what will suit an entry level application. This means that your skills and academic accomplishments are what should be stressed in your cover letter.  Think of any coursework, charity work, academic projects, awards or honors you have acquired that is a close match to the job requirement. Mention them in the order of relevance so as to create an interesting write-up that ‘hooks’ the employer to your application.

Here are some sample templates that might help you decide how to write one.

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