Free Resume Templates for microsoft word 2017

By | April 23, 2017

10 Free Resume Templates 2017

As we all know that amidst the stiff competition in the job market has created the need for resumes that are not only detailed but also concise and well presented. A good looking resume is the first part of your impression on the hiring manager. Since it sometimes is a problem for many to devote the time needed to tailor-make a resume for every job they are applying to, or for those who are not that well versed with Microsoft Word thus, there are the free resume templates that you can use. The advantage of free resume templates for microsoft word 2017 is that –

  • it saves time
  • helps you make minor changes without disturbing the entire arrangement
  • takes care of the format
  • is hassle free
  • all you have to do is enter your details in place of the pre-given text

Best Free Resume Templates 2017

Now that we know why it is advisable to use free resume template for word let’s go ahead to using them. Thus here we are sharing some of the best resume templates for word 2017.


Free Resume Templates for Word 2017


Template 1


Template 2


Template 3


Template 4


Template 5


Template 6


Template 7


Template 8


Template 9


Template 10

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