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By | May 7, 2017

A front desk executive or receptionist is the first person a customer meets within the organization. He or she is the first point of contact at the workplace. No guest within hotel goes without meeting the front-desk clerk. Therefore, he or she has a very important role in creating a best first impression in anyone that enters the premises. There are a lot of qualities relating to hospitality and presentation that is essential in a front desk executive.

Qualities and Qualifications of a Front-Desk Executive

Representing the organization

A front desk executive meets and welcomes a customer to its premises. Hence they need to be very cheerful and outgoing personalities. There is nothing that brings more positivity than a warm smile. Hence, they need to always have a smile on their face and greet customers whenever they encounter them, no matter at what time of the day or how busy they are.

Interpersonal skills

In a hotel business, you may expect any nationals – native or foreign – as your guest. Hence, knowledge of two or more languages is often preferred. The candidate has to be fluent in English at the least. Big hotel businesses would also often prefer that front desk personnel should also be aware of the cultures of major countries around the world in order to greet and communicate with them accordingly. It is so that in some countries, it is not preferred to address a person by their first name during formal meetings and in some countries they prefer being addressed by their first name than the surname. Likewise, there are many gestures that are good and acceptable in some regions while unacceptable or insulting in some other. A front-desk clerk needs to be careful while dealing with guests of other nationalities in order to, knowingly or unknowingly, not invoke a sense of derogation in their customers.

Having commendable phone and mail etiquette, computer skills etc. are also essential to the job.

Well groomed

As previously said, a front-desk executive is the first person to represent the hotel in front of their guests. Hence, it is apparent that such a person should be clean and presentable at all times. They should be groomed and polished, wear clean and crease-free uniforms and always be at their best.

Personal traits

Apart from all these soft skills and physical requirements, there are some personality traits that are a requisite for a front desk executive or at large, all employees within the hospitality sector. These traits can be practiced or trained, if not in-born, by anyone looking to join a hospitality business. Some of these qualities are your interest in helping and serving others, calm and composed nature, cheerful and outgoing personality, getting along in a team etc.


Talking about the academic qualifications, a front desk employee should preferably have a diploma in hospitality management. This will qualify them to handle the administrative tasks related to the job like checking in new guests, arranging reservations, preparing and settling bills etc.

I can go on and on about the qualities and qualifications required for a front desk job in a hotel and still cannot complete it.  Such is the importance of the role in a hotel business and the responsibilities that accompany.

What to include in a Front desk Executive Resume

Objectives / Summary Statement section

It is for the applicant to decide whether to begin their resume with an Objective section or Summary Statement.

A front desk resume objective usually demonstrates the candidates’ interest in seeking the position to provide benefit to an organization. It should include what knowledge you have about the industry and what skills you possess to fulfill them. A Summary Statement is different from Objective in the sense that it states all your relevant professional experiences and skills acquired over many years of service within the industry. This will mostly suit someone with many years of expertise in the job.

Ideally, we would advise you to include Objectives if you are a fresh entry seeking your first time job or possess very less relevant work experience for the position you are applying for; and Summary Statement if you are an expert in the job.

Education Section

Your education section can be placed either before or after your work experience and skills sections depending what you want your potential employer to focus on. If you think that you have many skills and expertise to show off, keep these sections in the fore-front and education following it. If you lack thenecessary skills or experience required for the job, then keep your education section first. Start by listing your most recent academic achievement and come down until your high school degree. This is called the reverse chronological order and is mostly preferred in professional resumes. You may mention the year of completion of each course and also the grades obtained. If you have had any certifications or training relevant to the position, then use it to your advantage here.

Work Experience

As said in the previous section, the position of this section in your resume depends on their priority for you. It can either be an experience-oriented or skills-oriented or education-oriented resume. As with the education section, this also lists your work experience in a particular order. Although the most preferred is the reverse chronological order, there are other formats also which you can read here and choose based on your preferences.

Some of the action verbs that you can consider using in your front desk executive resume are:

  • Organized
  • Responded
  • Handled
  • Managed
  • Coordinated
  • Presented
  • Greeted
  • Introduced
  • Supported
  • Assisted
  • Ordered
  • Sorted
  • Represented

Resume skills section

Bullet-list all the skills you possess here, but remember to include only those that are at least distantly relevant to the applied position. Recruiters do not want to know about all the unwanted skills you possess. Imagine including driving skills in a receptionist resume.

Some of the common skills that hotel employers look for in candidates are being customer centric, a team player, friendly, casual and outgoing, multilingual, a multitasker and with excellent interpersonal skills.

Front Desk Job duties and skills in a nut shell


  • Ability to build a good rapport with the customers and greet them when they enter the premises
  • Ability to build a strong relationship with the customers
  • Handle customer requests promptly
  • Answer questions and address complaints
  • Resolve complex problems
  • Maintain records on people who have come to the office, their queries and feedbacks
  • Handling cash and maintaining account records
  • Calling customers, confirming appointments and bookings, sending and replying to calls and emails
  • Manage stock of office supplies and place orders when necessary

Skills and qualification:

  • Being enthusiastic during work
  • Pleasing to all
  • Administrative skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Have good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in respect to the industry they work
  • Computer knowledge; working with Microsoft Word, Excel etc.

Putting the Resume Together

A successful resume provides employers with a clear portrait of the individual. It gives them an overall idea of who you are and what capabilities you possess to contribute to the workplace. Having a general understanding of the requirements of the position and the expectations of the prospective employer can help you a long way to craft the most impressive resume. Each section in the resume is important in its own terms, but knowing the job listing well can help you add impressive content in them and put the pieces together using the ideal format and structure. Hospitality is an industry which requires many peculiar and unique considerations and resources in order to be successful. So starting with a proper template and building a resume from there is a great way to create a customized and successful resume.

We’ve compiled a few selected hospitality resumes here for your reference. Check them out.

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