Top free Resume tips and Samples for advertising freshers

By | April 28, 2017

Best Resume Tips for Advertising Professionals

Advertisement is that one sector that has always been on an upscale growth. Even the jobs in the advertisement sector are quite high paying and have promising careers. You must have spent 4 years of your college time studying Advertisement and PR but in the employment sector, to be noticed one surely needs an unbeatable resume. With the prominence of advertising as a career, number of aspirants have also increased. To skim past of the sea of applications it is important to have the best resume for advertisement fresher. To ease your process we provide you with Top free Resume tips and Samples for advertising freshers.

Resume tips for advertising professionals and freshers

  • Choose the correct resume format and read about the different resume formats in India. If you are writing a resume for advertising fresher then choose the functional format but if you are writing a resume for advertising professionals it is advisable to go for the Chronological format as you would have lots of experiences to write about.
  • We suggest you to write a targeted resume every time you apply for a new job. Especially when discussing resume for advertising jobs it is important to write a targeted resume. Every job in advertising is different from each other so all have their own requirements and needs, target a resume accordingly.
  • If you are copywriter or a graphic resume it is also advisable to include some portfolio links or samples into a resume for advertising professional.

Best CV/Resume tips to bag an advertising job

  • If you are writing resume for advertisement fresher write about your skill sets and focus more on the extracurricular relevant. Also highlight on the projects or training if you have had. Write all the knowledge that is transferable to material work.
  • Don’t get too fancy with fonts. This is a creative field but a resume better be kept clean and neatly presented. The hiring managers prefer ease of reading over fancy fonts. Pick the right font size, that isn’t too large nor too small.
  • Choice of a cover letter rests on you. Read the job description and decide accordingly.

Here we give you free download resume samples for advertising professionals.

Top free download resume samples for advertising professionals!


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