Best resume tips and samples for B.A. students

By | April 26, 2017

Tops tips for B.A. students resume

You are the people who have spent 4 years of your life gathering knowledge and studying while most of you might also have an impressive CGPA. Then why do you think you need a resume to get a job? Well, the answer is simple, the recruiters wish to see if your academic achievements are transferable to a more practical form i.e. the workplace. Thus it is inevitable for you to know the basics of a Resume for B.A students. Firstly you have to choose the right font that is simple yet classy and the font size, which should generally vary between 10 to 12 points. After you have done that, follow our Best resume tips and samples for B.A. students below –

Free resume tips for B.A. Freshers

  • Know your selling point – write the things you feel will be able to sell your skill sets and the amount of knowledge you have gathered in the last 4 years. Not just about yourself, but in a resume for B.A students you should also mention the ways in which the company will benefit from you. Mention what materialistic contribution can you give as an employee of the company.
  • If you don’t have an impressive work experience to back you put your academics on top. Include all the relevant academic certificates, achievements and scholarship you have that you might get you a job for a B.A. candidate.
  • Don’t be afraid to include Part-Time Jobs unless they are totally irrelevant to the position. Employers want to know how reliable are you, and adding these experiences will only add to your reliable image.
  • Write a resume that is rich in keywords. These days most of the hiring managers use Applicant Tracking Systems which searches for keywords and those with the most use of keywords relevant to the desired role are selected.
  • Choose a resume format that suits your job type. Read from our list of Resume formats in India.

Best tips for writing a CV of B.A. Student

Top Resume samples for B.A. Students

Here we also give you Best resume samples for B.A. Students – Free Download!

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