Best resume tips and samples for College Students

By | April 30, 2017

Why does a college student need resume?

Preparation is always better than cure. Same saying goes for college students, as they might be still studying now but will be out there looking out for a job soon. So it is important for them to know the basics of writing a resume for college students. 

Resume for College Students

Since college students wouldn’t have much to write about, it is important to know how to fill your resume for college students. They have focus more on skills that are transferable to a workplace environment. To help your with the writing process we provide you some free resume writing tips for a college student.

Best resume writing tips for College Goers

  • Highlight your education and academic qualification as you obviously have limited or zero work experience. Mention all your degrees and specializations.
  • If there are any part-time or full time jobs that you have done mention them in your resume for college students. But do remember to write only those which are relevant to the job/internship you are applying for.
  • Include extra-curricular activities that are relevant to the desired role. Sometimes they do add value to a college student’s resume.
  • Include any leadership experiences if you have. Companies are always in the look for candidates who are confident and posses good leadership skills.
  • When writing a resume for college students it must be noted that your result-oriented achievements and accomplishments count more. So try to quantify your achievements wherever possible.
  • Though this should have been at the top of resume tips for college graduates. Pick the right resume format. Read about different resume formats in India here.

Resume presentation advice for college graduates

  • Pick the correct font. The correct font is the one which looks simple but not dull, avoid using fancy fonts.
  • Use the right font size that doesn’t look to big nor too small. Maintain the ease of reading while also not making it look like a mess.
  • Always employ a half to an inch margin on all sides. Give single spacing between the consecutive words and lines.

For your better understanding of a resume for college students, we provide you the best free download resume samples for college students.

Free download college student resume samples!

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