Best resume Writing tips for College Students

By | April 25, 2017

Resume for College Students with Sample

The first question to the above title would be, ‘What would a college student need a CV for?’ but trust us when we say the world of work, 9 to 5’s and month ends aren’t too far. To make that enjoyable it’s important to have a sound resume for college students. So here we give you a list of best resume writing tips for college students – 

Top CV tips for college students

  1. Start with Qualifications in the reverse-chronological order. Since there isn’t anything to write in the experience section so better focus on your degrees, certificates and grades to make an impression on the hiring manager.
  2. There might a lot of training, projects, research and part-time jobs you might have done. Mention them even if they are irrelevant to the future goals. Hiring Managers look out for candidates who are result-oriented and reliable.
  3. Try to read the job description carefully and find relatable experiences you have had. For example if the description demands someone with good communication skills in the Film Promotion department and you have worked before in marketing where your communications skills came into play, don’t forget to mention it.
  4. NEVER go beyond a one-page resume. You are a college student and are not expected to have a lot of experience of valuable things to write in your CV so keep it concise and only filled with relevant and important information.
  5. Choose the right fonts, which should be simple and classy. Pick the right font size, that should vary between 10 to 14 points.

Top 10 resume tips for college students

  1. Use margins as that saves your resume for getting cut off by the printers. Also that makes the presentation neat.
  2. Use single spacing between consecutive words and lines.
  3. Use bullet points for lists instead of a paragraph that looks messy.
  4. You can use the references section to your advantage by mentioning the names of any college professors or mentors who have observed you from close and can give positive feedback upon need.
  5. In a  resume for college students it is important to get it checked by a senior or your teachers/professors for a review as this would be your first time.

To make your resume writing for a college student an easy task here we provide you some free custom resume templates – 

College Student Resume Sample 1


College Student Resume Sample 2


College Student Resume Sample 3


College Student Resume Sample 4


College Student Resume Sample 5

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