Top free resume tips and samples for Accountants

By | April 30, 2017

How to write a resume for accountants?

Finance and Accounting is that one field which is in abundant. The abundancy though, stems from the fact that a finance and accounting professional can seek for a job in any industry. The high number of jobs also doesn’t anyway take away the fact that an unbeatable resume for finance or accounting job plays a key role in you bagging the job. So it is important for you to present the best resume for accounting jobs  while applying for a job. To help you with the writing process we give you the best resume tips for finance and accounting professionals.

Key resume tips for a finance or accounting job

  • When writing your resume for finance or accounting job summarize your key skills. You can do that with the help of the work experience and Skills section of your CV. This gives the hiring manager an idea of your productivity and the result-oriented undertakings.
  • When filling up the Work Experience column of your Finance or Accounting Resume don’t forget to write the exact roles and responsibilities you had with every job of yours.
  • Quantify your achievements – always write your achievements and accomplishments in numbers for example never write ‘My contribution led to an increased revenue for the company.’ instead write ‘My contribution led to an estimated 15 percent revenue increase.’ This way your resume for finance or accounting job gives the hiring manager an exact idea of your capabilities and upper limits.
  • The resume must be rich in keywords. These days almost every company uses Applicant tracking Systems to filter out the irrelevant resumes. Whatever you may write but it should be relevant to the position being applied for. We always suggest you make a targeted resume to curb this problem.

Best resume advice for finance or accounting professionals

The presentation is also an important factor in a resume for finance or accounting job. We are giving you some free advice on resume presentation tips –

  • Pick the correct font. The correct font is the one which looks simple but not dull, avoid using fancy fonts.
  • Use the right font size that doesn’t look to big nor too small. Maintain the ease of reading while also not making it look like a mess.
  • Always employ a half to an inch margin on all sides. Give single spacing between the consecutive words and lines.

For your better understanding of a resume for finance or accounting job we give you some free download resume samples here.


Free download resume sample for Finance or Accounting Jobs

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