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By | April 24, 2017

Best free resume formats in India

A resume is merely a piece of paper that tells the employer about the job seeker’s skills and experiences but to write it the perfect way is an art in itself. The most important of all is to know the kinds of resume formats in India. Each resume type is useful for different purposes. Therefore, when deciding which type of resume to use, you have to think about your circumstances.

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume starts by listing your work history, with the most recent position listed first. After your most recent job at first you write all the other jobs and positions you have held in reverse chronological order. This is more preferred as it gives the employer the idea of your career path. This is the most common resume type. This type of resume works well experienced candidates with a long work history. If you are a fresher or someone looking for  career switch, we advise you to not go for it.

Functional Resume

The most important resume format in India is the functional resume. In this particular format one emphasizes more on what he can do instead of Job History. It calls the employer’s attention to the specific areas of the candidates expertise and categorises them as ‘IT Skills’, ‘Business Skills’ etc. Though like all the types of resume formats even this has its own pros and cons –


  • For a fresher candidate this is the best way to highlight his major strengths and capacities than giving them little experiences counting to only a year.
  • It’s also acceptable in case of zero experience where you are a recent graduate or a pass out.


  • It fails to give the employer a feel about your career and your result-oriented capabilities.

A functional resume can also leave out on work history or sometimes the work history is also written at the bottom. It is also useful for freshers, people with less work experience, or employment gaps.

Indian CV Format


Combination Resume

Of course as the name suggests, this resume format is a combination of the above two. It aims to strike a balance between both the types of resume formats i.e. between your skills and work history. This is also an important type among the types of resume formats in India professionals as it neither demands too much of work history nor too much of skills (which as a long list alone are boring to read). It helps you not only reach out to the employer with your skill sets but also helps you list out your work experience (no matter how minimal it is, provided it is relevant) in the reverse chronological order which the employers are used to read and will thus, grasp the details better.

Resume With Profile

A resume with a profile section includes a concise summary of an applicant’s skills, experiences and goals as they relate to a specific job. Adding a profile is helpful for almost any applicant. If you have extensive experience, a profile can concisely explain that experience to the hiring manager right away. If you have limited work experience, a profile can help you highlight the skills that you do have. This one of the most trending resume formats in India for Public relations professionals.

Top Indian Resume Formats

Non-traditional Resume

A non-traditional resume is a unique version of your resume that may include photos, graphics, images, graphs and other visuals. It might be an online resume, or a physical resume with info graphics. It could also be a video, or a resume on a social networking website. Non-traditional resumes are ideal for people in creative fields, who want to demonstrate their ability to create visually engaging designs, or to create web pages. It can be a good way of approach for someone in the creative field viz graphic designing, photography, filmmaking etc.

Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is a resume that is customized to specifically highlight the experience and skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for. I needs time to write a targeted resume than to just apply with the existing resume. However, it’s also suggested to use free resume templates available online.

Always write a well targeted resume for every application you make.

Mini Resume

It is a brief account of your career highlights and qualification. It only contains the information that is most specific to the job you are applying for, or the industry you are interested in. A mini resume can be shared with the employer on request or with the writer whom you might have hired to write your resume.


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