Length of a resume – free tips

By | April 24, 2017

How long should your resume be?

The one question that is the most asked is how lengthy should a resume be? Well, there is no rulebook to that as it all depends on the hiring manager but sure there things you can do to keep the length of a resume perfect –

The guideline as they say is, the length of a resume should be long enough to attract the recruiter’s attention. This may sound vague, but there here we give you some free tips on the length of a resume.

Key points are career objective, occupation, industry, years of experience, number of employers, scope of accomplishments and education/training.

Length of a resume – Best tips

Keep these facts in mind when deciding on resume length:

  • The resume should be a well targeted one, so do without all the details that bear no relevance to the desired role. Keep the length of a resume concise yet rich in information. The resume is merely a piece of paper where you sell yourself, so do that well and in short.
  • Remember, that amidst tons of emails the hiring managers get everyday the surely skim-read. So, one resume merely gets a maximum of 10 seconds to create an impression, make that time count, time is money.

CV/resume Length tips

One-Page Resume

  • For those having an experience of less than 10 years
  • For those who are looking for a career switch and don’t have enough experience for the new role.

Two-page Resume

  • For those with more than 10 years of experience.
  • For those in the technical field where the are a lot of technical things to write about.

One can also opt for a resume summary if required as that will help the hiring manager decide whether he wants to read the next two pages or not.

Three page Resume or longer –

  • For those with a long history of records, experiences and accomplishments Eg. senior officials, executives, presidents etc.
  • For those in the academic or scientific fields where there is a lot to say about research works, projects etc.


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