Resume Tips for Entry Level School Childcare worker

By | May 10, 2017

Daycare and Preschool Workers are employed by childcare facilities for taking care of children usually below 5 years. Usual work activities of a child care staff  includes supervising children, providing learning opportunities, organizing child development activities, feeding, changing diapers, implementing personal hygiene, teaching discipline and social manners, and keeping parents informed of the child’s activities and progress.

What are the qualities for a childcare worker?

The most sought-after skills in a daycare worker are good communication abilities, supervisory skills, observation capabilities and a caring personality. Formal education is not mandatory for this role and mostly a high school education is enough for applying as a child care worker.

At an entry level, any experience with children like babysitting, volunteering, organizing activities with children, are all preferred qualities to mention in your resume to seem as potentially valuable hires.

How to write a childcare service resume

Contrary to other jobs in the education sector, educational qualifications or professional expertise is of very less significance in a resume for a childcare job. What matters the most is whether you have the right attitude and skills to raise and discipline children. Therefore, a skills-based resume is the right one for this kind of job. The Skills and Expertise section should be the key area of focus in the resume. Do not hesitate to list out all (and any) skill or quality you have or have displayed at any opportunity in life that you feel is relevant to the job role.

Some of the skills or qualities you can display in your resume as a child care applicant are:

  • Helped organize trips for School children
  • Observed and monitored children’s play activities
  • Coordinated and conducted activity programs for children
  • Skilled at creative art works like drawing, painting and clay modelling
  • Tutored children of small age groups
  • Assisted in housekeeping duties
  • Experienced in diapering, feeding, napping and playing with young children


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