Resume tips and samples for 10 years Experienced Professionals

By | April 26, 2017

CV/Resume for experienced professionals

It is very much of a fact to know that the same resume doesn’t fit in all purposes. The difference is not valid for different jobs but to every job basically. That’s why we always suggest you make a targeted resume for every job that you’re applying for. Here we will discuss about CV/Resume for experienced professionals  they are very much different from that of a fresher. There is a lot more to write in a resume for 10 year experienced professionals as they have a longer work history, more result-oriented achievements and skill sets.

Resume tips and samples for 10 experienced professionals

Here we give you the best Resume tips and samples for 10 years Experienced Professionals

  • Since a 10 years experienced professional  will surely have an impressive amount of work experience and accomplishments, we suggest you go for a Chronological or a Combination Resume Format. That will also help the hiring managers have a fair idea of your career path and will easy for you to to prove that you are reliable.
  • You have surfaced through 10 years in the industry and will so have tons of experiences but remember to only list the details relevant. Don’t go into writing every big and little things.
  • Remember to quantify your achievements. For example, don’t write ‘My contrbution helped the company finish the project early.’ instead write that ‘My contribution helped the company finish the project 7 days early, saving an investment of 5 lacs.’
  • Since you are professional with 10 years of experience, hiring managers will surely a CV that isn’t professional in it’s outlook. Keep the document neat, well targeted, not too clumsy and maintain the ease of readability.
  • Decide whether to include a cover letter with your CV based on your job description. While in some cases you may use it to your advantage but in most of the cases it wouldn’t be required.

10 years experienced professionals resume tips

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Resume Samples for 10 year experienced professionals


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