Resume Tips for Entry Level School Counselor

By | May 3, 2017

A school counselor is vital to the success of students of all ages, from elementary school to college. A school counselor acts as a mentor and guide to students to help them set their academic, social and career goals. They should be highly qualified to develop the necessary skills in children and also be well informed of the career and educational opportunities to act as advisors to students who are unsure of their future paths.

Role of a School Counselor

At secondary school and college, students are usually at a cross road with their future. Therefore, a counselor’s role mostly includes career counselling, motivating and helping students to discover their potentials and set their future goals accordingly. Be it choosing their field of higher study or taking up a job.

At elementary school, counselors deal with younger students and therefore have additional responsibilities that include safeguarding the health and wellness of the children, observing evidence of child abuse and neglect and dealing with behavioral issues.

Highlight Points in a Counselor Resume

An entry level school counselor applicant’s resume should emphasize on the following critical points.


Due to the highly demanding work responsibilities, a specialization master degree in Counseling is commonly mandatory apart from a bachelor’s degree in Psychology or counseling or related field, for an entry level counselor job.


Off-classroom training such as an internship or mentoring program is mostly preferred by employers. Therefore, bring all such details of the training you have undergone to the upfront in your resume.


Do you possess any certifications relevant to the job? Have you acquired any licensing that permits you to work as a counselor? Mention them all to your advantage.

Other Skills and Qualities

Having excellent listening skills, both written and oral communication skills, ability to think critically, being efficiently organized, having knowledge of a variety of career paths, job markets, educational institutions etc. are all highly regarded skills and qualities in an ideal school counselor. Hence provide evidence of any of these traits in your skills and accomplishments section.

Apart from all this, some of the personal traits an employer looks for in a school counselor are, being compassionate, warm, trustworthy and approachable. Children should be able to confide in you when they have problems. Hence, stress on any experiences or recognition you have acquired as evidence to this and you’re good to go. So sit back and wait for the interview call!

Refer a sample resume template for entry level School Counselor below:

Street address
Contact number
Email address
Trained counselor seeking an entry level position that will enable hands-on communication with students within the school system and put my excellent guidance skills to productive use in order to better their lives.
  • Knowledge of mental health issues
  • Familiarity with common emotional issues faced by children and young adults
  • Ability to provide post-secondary guidance and suggestions
  • Conscientious, hard-working, and proactive
  • Strong familiarity with client-centered therapeutic techniques
  • Capability of counseling individuals or groups
  • Respectful and patient
University/Institution Name, Year of passing, Grade
Courses Included:

  • Human Development
  • Counseling Techniques
  • Test Administration
  • Statistics
  • Young Adult Dilemmas
  • Psychological Reporting
  • Cognitive Behavior
  • Child Development
  • Mental Illnesses
  • Social Influences and Pressures
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Social Pressures

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