Resume Writing Tips and Advice for Entry Level School Librarian

By | May 3, 2017

The role of a school library assistant is to manage educational books and guide students and teachers to the right resources according to their requirement. A librarian should be well-aware of all books and journals available in order to suggest them to the patrons.

However, what if you do not possess the required on-the-job experience to apply as one? In order to cover up your missing experience section and to bring the hiring manager’s focus onto your job relevant skills, it is best to opt for a skills based resume. This format highlights your skills and abilities relating to the field in detail, leaving a positive first impression on the potential employers.

Can a librarian actually be novice?

Although there are many job offers out there asking for entry level librarians, a librarian cannot in fact be inexperienced. A newbie just out of high school or college having done nothing with books or library cannot fill the post of even an entry level library assistant. As a librarian, one needs to be an avid book follower, possess enough book knowledge to assist and guide students and teachers to the right books that serve their purpose, be able to suggest addition of new books that can be beneficial to the library etc.

  • If you have been an active committee member of your school or college library or if you have developed any library software during your course of study, put them in your resume under the accomplishments section.
  • Apart from the related experiences, the minimum technical skill a hiring manager expects to see on a librarian resume is the ability to use Microsoft Office, and basic computer skills into order to be able to use the library management software.
  • Managers also favorably prefer applicants with soft skills such as “being organized and efficient” in their resume. Hence, bring about any evidence in your skills section to prove that you really do possess those soft skills.
  • Another way to diversify you from the rest is to include any additional language skills you have – foreign or native in order to deal with students and teachers of different language.

Check out a sample Library Assistant Resume with no experience

Address • Contact number • Email Address

OBJECTIVE: To obtain an entry level library assistant position where I can utilize my excelling customer service skills, thorough knowledge in books cataloging and publisher sourcing to the best.

• Proven ability to maintain accurate library records
• Substantial knowledge of publisher sourcing, inventory maintenance and book keeping practices
• Good understanding of various referencing and citation styles in published materials
• Proven ability to assist customers in locating materials
• Efficient in managing, shelving and filing of books

University/Institution Name, Year of passing, Grade

• Microsoft Word, Excel
• Library Management Software, Internet, Email
• Automated Library Systems, Online circulation

• Spearheaded a mini cataloging project utilizing the Dewey Decimal System
• Successfully implemented a fully-automated library management software as part of the coursework

• Book Reading
• Hiking, swimming and camping
• Online Gaming

• Efficient in the usage of printers and photocopy machines
• Bilingual: English/French/Hindi



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