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By | April 22, 2017

Best Free Advise on Resume Writing

Firstly it is important for us to know that our Resume is nothing but a professional document, telling the recruiters in the most formal way about the applicant’s past record, skills and abilities and explains as to why he is the perfect candidate. Hiring Managers receive tons of CV’s for every position vacant so it’s always possible for them to go through every line in detail, thus all you have is the first 10-20 seconds to create the impression which will then decide if it will be read or not. It is understandable that the CV has to be relevant for the position, the details specific and the length short yet crisp. Here are some tips to make an unbeatable resume –

  1. Choose the font wisely; it should be simple yet classy, size not more than 10 to 12. Avoid italic and creative fonts as they seem to clutter the page. Don’t colour your fonts. Give proper and consistent spacing between words, paragraphs and lines.
  2. Include personal details – Your Full name, Address, Contact Number, Email Address.
  3. If you are a fresher focus on academics, technical skills, internships, certified courses etc. If you are experienced start off with Work Experience, listing them in Reverse Chronological Order. Specify the designations, don’t use a general term. For example doesn’t use ‘Writer’, include ‘Content Writer’ or ‘Features Writer’ i.e. be specific.
  4. The resume should overall be tailored to suit the applied position, to do this you may need to include or exclude some points. Irrelevant info’s must be chucked out as anything that deviates from what is required in the position being applied for may ruin your chances of selection.
  5. Don’t include High Schools Details unless it is your highest qualification. If you are a successful graduate use your graduation details.
  6. Quantify your achievements. For example don’t write ‘My contributions resulted in an enormous sales rise.’ Instead write ‘My contributions resulted in a 35 percent sales rise.’
  7. You can also opt for resume templates available on Google if you are not that well versed with Microsoft Word. Avoid over/under formatting. Keep it simple, clean, legible, interesting yet relevant and informative. Always use a half to an inch margin as that saves your resume for getting cut off by printers.
  8. Use keywords as they help get your resume screened by Applicant Tracking Systems with good scores. ATS is one way by which hiring managers screen the CV’s and only the ones with a good score from ATS are then reviewed. Though using them is fine but don’t stuff your CV with keywords as that looks bad and purposeless.
  9. Choose wisely as what additional info’s to add. If you are creative artist it may help to include your online portfolios or youtube links. Same goes for interests section, while it can prove beneficial to write good interests for some jobs while for others it may act badly.
  10. Maintain a consistency regarding all the information you provide across all the documents viz. Cover Letter, resume and Job Application.

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