Resume writing guide for freshers with sample template

By | April 28, 2017

Freshers vs. experts

The main focus in the resume of an experienced professional would be the work experience achieved over the years. However, being a fresh graduate out of college, there is apparently no work experience to boast of. Hence, the key area of highlight in your resume should be your academic achievements and skills acquired.

Structuring a fresher resume

List out and elaborate on any curricular accomplishments, certifications and/or projects you have worked on during your course of study. Have you been awarded for your volunteer-ship in any programmes conducted in college? Have you received any honors or appreciation for your leadership skills? Were you smart enough to acquire any scholarships during your study? Well, these are all achievements you can show off in your resume.

The ideal format of a fresher’s resume

Formatting a resume has countless possibilities. There are a number of layouts and templates to choose from. Nevertheless, an ideal format of a fresher’s resume should contain 6 main headings apart from the opening title that contains your name and contact details for quick reference. Following is an example of a fresher resume.




Contact number(s)


This is the opening section of your resume and should sum up your career accomplishments and work-related ambitions in a few lines.


This section should include your technical skills and knowledge acquired and your achievements of relevance if any during your course of study.


List all your educational degrees here in their chronological order with the highest qualification first until 10th grade with the name of the institute or university, year of study and grades obtained.


Jot down a brief description of all the academic projects and seminars undertaken by you with specific details of the technical tools and platforms used.


List any Scholarships obtained and/or Leadership achievements here.


·         Name

·         D.O.B

·         Nationality (optional)

·         Guardian’s name

·         Languages known

·         Reference

Furthermore, affix a copy of your latest passport sized photograph, if you wish, to add to the credibility of your resume.

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