Top free resume tips and samples for Interns

By | April 27, 2017

Resume tips and samples for Internship seekers

A resume though, is only a memoir of your experiences and skill sets but has a great impact on your chances of bagging a job. But what if you aren’t a seasoned employee? What if you are a college student who is looking for an internship? Well, worry not we will discuss here, about the Top free resume tips and samples for Interns. For your ease of understanding we list you here the best resume tips for interns.

Resume writing for Interns

  • Since while writing a resume for internship seekers you wouldn’t have a lot to write about in the experience section, so focus more on your skills sets, extra-curricular and certificate training if you have had any.
  • Your educational section will hold weight. So devote time while including that in an internship seeker resume.
  • Do not forget to mention any quantifiable achievements if you have had. Your achievements are a sign of your productiveness and your skills that are transferable to a workplace environment. They also reflect your passion and reliability.
  • Even if you have less information, write only the ones that are relevant. A short resume is better than a dumping ground. Since this will be your first time at writing a resume for an intern so read the Job Description carefully and make up your mind on what are things to write that will be relevant to the position.
  • Don’t hesitate to use creative resume templates which are easily available online. The advantage of a resume template is that you can change or edit any information without actually disturbing the arrangement or presentation.
  • You can be inexperienced but that shouldn’t show on a Internship seeker’s resume . Always stick to the proper format, which will be the Combination or the Functional format for an intern.

For your ease we present you some Free resume samples for Interns.

Free download resume samples for Interns

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