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Entry level resume writing for jobs in education and care

Working in the education industry can be the most rewarding and challenging at the same time. Apart from having the right qualifications for the job, you also need to be passionate about the job, have the ability to develop good relationships with students of different ages, parents, and colleagues, possess effective disciplinary and management skills… Read More »

Resume writing tips for Entry Level School Administrator

There are different roles within the administrative and management division of an educational institution. The crucial ones are the Principal, Vice-Principal, Director and Manager. Although you do not possess a prior experience as an administrator, you are expected to have a long list of experience in any field relevant to the job. Simply put, an… Read More »

Resume writing guide for freshers with sample template

Freshers vs. experts The main focus in the resume of an experienced professional would be the work experience achieved over the years. However, being a fresh graduate out of college, there is apparently no work experience to boast of. Hence, the key area of highlight in your resume should be your academic achievements and skills… Read More »