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By | May 3, 2017

Best advice for CPT applicants

The Common proficiency test or the CPT is the entrance exam for CA and CS studies. Both these career options are very rewarding but of course demand a lot of concentration and hard-work. So the first thing to remember is that you need to score a minimum of 30 percent in all subjects.  So apparently one of the most important things to know about Common Proficiency Test are the subjects.

The subjects for the entrance exam for CA and CS applicants are –

  • Accounts – When appearing for CA, make Accounting the top priority. It all depends on how well versed you are with basics of accounting. We suggest you to practice the subject well and also concentrate on the theory.
  • Mercantile Law – Again this tops the list of important things to know about Common Proficiency Test. Mercentile Law is referred to as the most scoring subject right after Accounts. Always remember that patience is the key and keep working hard.
  • Economics – Though even economics is a scoring subject but demands a good deal of theoretical knowledge. Keep Macroeconomics at the top priority and be well practiced with it.
  • Quantitative Aptitude – In this particular subject, students generally fret out as they fear dealing with Mathematics and Statistics. But it is key to at least try and attempt all the questions as not all are equally tough. The difficulty level of the question paper is always balanced so there must be something which you can do.  When talking of statistics we suggest you be strong in Differentiation and Integration, Theoretical Distribution and Correlation – Regression.

Common Proficiency Test (CPT) complete detailed list


For those with a good foundation of class 11th and 12th, the CPT Accounts shouldn’t be tough. We always advice you to stick to the basics as a lot of questions are based upon the simplest points. Since accounts is a major subject of CA so excel at it at higher levels it’s important to build the basics from school.


This is a relatively new subject and demands a little bit of skills from the writer. Also not all of the questions here are asked from the book. You need to read a lot of outside books, go to libraries or read online.


If you are thorough with 12th standard economics, then you won’t have any problem in microeconomics. You can keep the concept of graphs in mind and create your own answers.


Don’t be discouraged while attempting this section. As said earlier, not all questions are equally tough, there is something for everyone. Also it contains a hefty 50 marks. Please note that basic knowledge in Mathematics is very important to be a Chartered Accountant.

It’s not a big work to score at least 20-30 marks in this section. Just use your brain and logic, be calm and revise your basics of class 10th maths. After all this even if you leave Calculus and Series you would only be losing a maximum of 2 marks.


This is the theoretical part that one has no option but to learn. It is also very important as complete 25 marks come from here. Though they say to not attempt the entire paper but we suggest you to plunge for all of the ones you are sure about. Accordingly, the minimum marks required in each section and in the aggregate in all sections of CPT as per the revised passing requirements will be as under –

 Minimum Passing Marks for CPT

It is mandatory for a candidate to score at least 30 percent marks in all the subjects and a minimum total of 50 percent marks as aggregate in the all the four sections to pass a Common Proficiency test.

In other words we can also put it it that if a candidate has secured the 50 percent aggregate but not the individual 30 percent in all subjects he will be considered Fail.. Similarly, if a candidate secures a minimum of 30 percent marks in each section but fails to secure 50 per cent marks in the aggregate of all sections,his result will be FAIL.

There is negative marking in Common Proficiency test, 1 mark deducted for every mistake.

The best CA CPT Preparation Time-table

Write down a schedule some 45-50 days before your CPT Exam to prepare. Stick to the routine and plan your study accordingly. Divide the subjects on an hourly or a weekly basis. Most importantly study with planning. Don’t haphazardly study anything. Make a system and then adhere to it.


The first stepping stone to preparation is to start learning. So here we discuss about the methods of learning you employ while preparing for Common Proficiency Test.

Now what should be your method of studying?

  • Practice fast reading, don’t give a single page more than 5 minutes. This will help you read the Question Paper fatser.
  • Now read the subjects slowly, grasping everything, understanding all that you are reading. it is very important to understand to be able to learn.
  • After doing the reading just attempt the questions given in the book or the ones you have marked in the sample question papers. tally them with the answers at the end.
  • You should mark your questions in a special way..i.e. the questions which were correct in the first attempt should be crossed and there is no need to attempt these questions again…all other questions which were incorrect should be done on next revision and follow the same steps of crossing the correct questions at that time.


Revision is the most important part of your CA CPT Preparation as you remember only 20 percent of what you read after 24 hours. So revision is important to retain more.


Practice should be kept top priority and be given 100 percent focus. Once your first revision is done give mock tests to teachers if there are any, or just tally the answers at the end yourself. Mock tests are a great way of learning and increase the amount of information you retain.

Group Study

Forming a study group helps in discussing queries and getting a better understanding of the subject. If you have friends taking CA CPT exam then you can form a study group with them or else you join an online forum for forming a discussion Group.

For your ease of preparing for the CA Common Proficiency Test,we are providing you with some free downloadable sample questions for CA CPT.


Free download Sample question paper for CA CPT!

CA CPT Sample Question paper 1

CA CPT Sample Question paper 2

CA CPT Sample Question paper 3


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